ECTRIMS 2017: Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, PhD: Collaborative Care and Comorbid MS Patients

Ruth Ann Marrie, MD,PhD, FRCP, associate professor of medicine and health sciences at the University of Manitoba: Well, I’m lucky enough to work in a team. There are several sub-specially trained physicians [who work] with multiple sclerosis, who are supported by nurses who are highly knowledgable about MS (and who do lots of education and patient support), and then we have occupational therapists, physical therapists, a dietician, and a social worker who form part of our immediate team that can support patients. Then we consult other specialists as needed.

So in that allied health team, we’re quite collaborative. We’re lucky to have an electronic medical record where we can communicate with each other and see what everybody else is doing at the same time. And that’s been really helpful in terms of [not only] trying to get people what they need but making sure that the best person who has the greatest skills is working on a particular issue. If a couple of team members say, “We need to have a conversation,” or, “We need to see this person together to optimize their care,” then we can do that.

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